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Real Estate Agent: What Do We Actually Do?

What can Jim Carrey teach us about a real estate agent does?

So what is a real estate agent?

What do we actually do?

We don’t finance mortgage loans.

We don’t build homes.

So do we just stand in your way in between buyers and sellers and take a cut?

Okay. The answer is in the name of our profession: real estate agent.

Where else do you hear this word, agent?

Think about sports agent or talent agent.

So what do these people do?

If I’m a talent agent and you’re an actor, I’m out there in the Hollywood marketplace on the phone, and calling people.

Fighting for you to get you roles, and publicize you.

But also, if I do get you a role, to maximize the amount of money that you’re going to get paid for that role.

So the top talent agents can get the best talent because all the actors know:

Hey, this guy? He’s the best.

He’s going to be out there fighting for me to get me the best roles, and to get me paid.

Jim Carrey, remember, in the 90s? When we was getting $20,000,000 for films?

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“I can hear the money.”

That’s because he had a great agent. (Same for sports agents.)

That’s how I think about myself, and I hope that changes some of your perceptions of what it is that we do.

We represent buyers and sellers in the market.

We are your agent.

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