Stonebridge Ranch of McKinney: 11 Reasons Why You Really Should Live Here.

Stonebridge Ranch, often just called “Stonebridge,” is a master-planned community in the center of West McKinney that broke ground in the 1970s.

It’s also where, as of Spring of 2018, my family calls home.

Here’s 11 Reasons why YOU should, too!

Our Stonebridge Ranch Story

My first introduction to Stonebridge Ranch was for work.

At the time, I was tagging along with my brokerage’s assigned mentor, Jim, on one of my very first Home Showings ever.

As we made our first turn off Ridge and into the community, something about the overall feel of the place made an impression on me.

Years later, I was showing my own clients a house they were interested in purchasing. It was also in Stonebridge Ranch.

Again, as we turned the corner, memories came rushing back to me:

“So THIS is the neighborhood that I keep thinking about.” I didn’t even know what it was called until that moment.

Those clients didn’t end up purchasing that particular home that I showed them, but what was more important I would come to realize was the home across the street, which was also for sale.

Something about it called out to me.

I know, this all sounds corny. But it’s 100% true.

Preferences, They Grow Up

As soon as I got back to my apartment, I looked up that house from across the street.

I couldn’t believe it; it was actually in my price range (the one that I had shown to my clients definitely was not).

We were First-time Home Buyers, and we plan on staying a long time.

As a Millennial homeowner, I never expected I would enjoy living in such place as much as I do.

Stonebridge Ranch is the epitome of suburban.

It has a golf course (I don’t play golf). It has country clubs (never dreamed of stepping foot in one).

But as we grow older and become homeowners, at least for me, what you think you want and what you really want begin to merge in ways you never thought possible.

Maybe one day I’ll enjoy my dream of a downtown condo, but for now, here are my 11 Reasons that YOU, too, should live in Stonebridge Ranch:

1) Community

We absolutely love our Stonebridge Ranch community.

Every household receives a monthly Stonebridge Ranch magazine with a calendar of events.

If you want to socialize with any kind of people or develop hobbies, there’s something here for you.

Every year, the Stonebridge Ranch HOA puts on a community anniversary party by the Lake.

They set off fireworks and it rivals any Fourth of July firework show I have ever seen.

The Community Center often puts on parties with live music and free food and soft drinks.


Stonebridge is HUGE. 5,000 acres, of which 500 acres are preserved green space.

Over 36,000 residents. Plenty of people to meet and things to do!

Homes range from the DFW median price of the mid-$200s to over $2 million.

2) Villages

According to their website, Stonebridge Ranch is home to 74 different villages, or sub-subdivisions of the master-planned community.

Each village has it’s own distinct style.

For example, my village, The Grand Traditions, is split into about a dozen mini-cul-de-sacs with four houses each, placing neighbors into closer proximity around a shared space.

What attracted us most about it was it seemed like a great way for children to get together and play (which it is).

The houses in Grand Traditions all have a distinct style, with white pillars and green, wooden overlays on the front elevations.

The look and feel of each village are kept up by governing design guidelines.

As the newly appointed HOA officer of The Grand Traditions, rest assured I’ll be working hard for you to keep property values up, fees low, and services plentiful!

Start Your Property Search Now.


3) Amenities

The main thing you’ll want to ask about any master-planned community or Home Owners’ Association (HOA) such as Stonebridge Ranch is:

What do I get for my HOA payments?


You want the answer to be: a lot.


Plazaspavilions, and pools!

Hiking and biking trailsparks & playgrounds.

Lakes and ponds, with fishing!

Routine maintenance and beautification of common areas ensures that Stonebridge Ranch will always be the best place to live.

4) Tennis & Beach Club

This Premier Amenity gets its own special mention.

We’ve spent a lot of our summertime here. Personally, I think it is worth the HOA payments alone.

The T&B Club is on a lake where you can fish, and rent paddle or sailboats.

There’s a playground, numerous lighted tennis courts, basketball, a ginormous hill for running around on, and the Stonebridge Ranch HOA Community Center is right there, too.

Enclosed within the iron fence is an enormous pool with sand beaches. It even has its own mini- water park for children to splash around in.

For events, you can reserve pavilions here and cook-out.

For guests, it’s dirt cheap. $5.00 a head for anyone and everyone who wants to hang out with you and work on their tan.

Did I mention we spend a lot of our summertime here??

Note: Due to the season, I couldn’t get a good picture of the Beach Pool =(

5) Golf

So, I already said I’m not into golf.

(Putt-putt, I am king, but regular-old golf? I’m out.)

However, I’m not going to lie. Golf courses are beautiful. They’re nice to look at.

You are NOT required to be a member of any Golf club as a Stonebridge Ranch resident, so that is great for your resale value. Not everyone enjoys golf.

For those who do, our three courses frequently win The Best of the Private Clubs awards from Avid Golfer Magazine.

Including just in 2019.

6) Cycling

Stonebridge Ranch boasts some of the best areas for cycling in the metroplex.

I see groups of cyclists on the weekend buzzing by all the time.

But what makes Stonebridge Ranch really special?

Signs everywhere telling drivers to back off! How cool is that?

7) Access

 Stonebridge Ranch is nestled between Highway 380, Central Expressway (US 75) and the Sam Rayburn Tollway.

Wherever you need to get, you can get there in a hurry.

We’re between Virginia and Eldorado running north to south, and Custer and Hardin west to east.

The Texoma Area Paratransit System can get you around the area quickly and conveniently as well.

Pictured here (top) is the Apex Center, a brand-new, world-class recreation and fitness center.

If you live in Stonebridge, you can literally walk or bike here.

Just consider it as part of your workout!

For the more daring, pictured below is our very conveniently located public skate park!

8) Out & About

Stonebridge Ranch has it’s very own Market Street shopping area. I’m a Kroger man myself, which is just one block over to the east.

Walmart and Costco are within minutes of driving.

Just in the past several years, this area of McKinney has really come into its own with local restaurants and cafes cropping up everywhere to match the speed of growth.

We’ve got loads of new brunch places, as well.

For Ethnic varieties, we’ve got Thai, Chinese, Indian (Tex-mex of COURSE) – the whole world!

9) Home Equity

As stated earlier, Stonebridge Ranch has been here since the 1970s. It is to this day one of the most sought-after residential areas in Collin County.

With all the crazy development surrounding us, it’s going to keep getting better.

You can be as sure as anyone that if you purchase a house here, you’ll see a steady rise in equity, or my name isn’t Jonathan Aaron Alpart.

Heck, Jonathan Aaron Alpart bought a house here!

Data from North Texas Real Estate Information System

10) Adriatica

Deep in the heart of Texas, people decided Stonebridge Ranch needed a mixed-use development built inspired by a Croatian Adriatic sea town.

No one here is complaining.

The best shopping, dining and even living can be found in Adriatica, certainly one of the most unique and inspiring areas in the United States.

11) Downtown McKinney

Although not technically Stonebridge Ranch, the hip and revitalized McKinney old downtown is a mere 10-minute drive away.

You can really have your cake and eat it, too.

Or pie, delicious pie! (Try the Ivory & Ebony. You’ll thank me later.)

Bars, old-school cafes, gift shops, fine dining, live music and comedy and more.

There is always something new and exciting happening here.

For all this and more, the annual HOA assessment for Stonebridge Ranch residents is only $800.

A livable, walkable and bikeable community, with loads of shopping and cafes nearby?

You, too, can have everything you want, choosing to live in Stonebridge Ranch in McKinney, TX.

Won’t you be my neighbor? =)

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